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Academic & Industry Collaboration

Want to more deeply understand your customers? Want to tap into the treasure chest of human behavior insights that Social Scientists have?

Many times it is tempting for product managers, designer or marketers to spin up intensive user research  or use our intuition to decide on the optimal feature prioritization.  This may be correct some times.  But many times it is more effective and faster to tap into the existing research on human behavior. There are experts out there who have been studying human behavior (your customers!) for their whole lives. Amazing.

Irrational Labs is taking applications from startups and companies that would like to be personally matched with top tier human behavior researchers.  Through an academic collaboration, a company can tap into the knowledge of experts to design a product value proposition, user incentive model and behavior change approaches.

Submit your interest/apply if you are on a team that is looking to:

  • Define a value or benefit proposition for a new product
  • Increase acquisitions of a current product
  • Increase engagement from your current users
  • Design a pricing model or incentive structure

Collaboration outcomes can include one or all of the below: 

  • Access to the treasure trove of proven insights on human behavior
  • Ongoing partnership with the very best in the field of your area of interest (e.g. finances or health outcomes or incentive design, etc)
  • Deep data analysis of current data set
  • General one time consulting on top areas of interest
  • Experiment ideas based on proven human behavior research and recommended experiment design

You couldn’t resist, could you?

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