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Applications Open for StartupOnomics 2014: Dan Ariely’s Summit for Startups

Please don’t contain yourself.

The Behavioral Economics Summit, StartupOnomics, is an annual gathering with the world’s leading thinkers on human behavior. At the end of the weekend attendees will walk away knowing how to move the needle on their biggest customer problems…and with an overwhelming amount of tangible ideas to test implement immediately. 

Apply to StartupOnomics if you are at a company that is trying to improve people’s lives in these ways:

  • Helping people live better financial lives (save money, make money, pay off debt)
  • Improving our education system, specifically early education system
  • Addressing any of the variety of health issues facing society

Our ideal applicant:

  • Super jazzed about applying principles of human behavior to help solve big problems
  • The company is doing consumer focused products or services
  • You are a for-profit or non-profit
  • You are a product leader, designer, marketing manager or data analyst.   Two people from your team should plan on attending if you are accepted.


Apply Here


What is StartupOnomics?

This event is led by Dan Ariely, famed author and professor, and Irrational Labs.  Dan  brings the leading thinkers on human behavior together with companies and teams trying to improve people’s lives.  We lock everyone in a room for 2.5 days and discuss how to design, build and test products that help people increase their health, wealth and happiness.

This intensive and intimate weekend has been built to put the academic insights on decision making and human behavior into the hands of designers, marketers and product people. We start at the theoretical level and then quickly break it down to tangible takeaways and actual 1:1 work sessions with experts.

Our Hot Topics Include:

  • Product adoption and growth
  • Increasing addictive usage
  • Building loyal customers that love you
  • Payment strategies
  • Building a team that loves what they do
  • Measuring what matters
  • Testing approaches and best practices


  • Application deadline: July 7th
  • Dates: Aug 22-24th
  • Location: Cavallo Point in Marin. Rooms, food and fun all included in the registration price.

Apply Here


Oh and because we LOVE social proof

Irrational Labs has created a fantastic framework for thinking about behavior change and how to test it out in the wild.
Kelvin Kwong, Product Designer at Jawbone

I recommend the Irrational Labs workbooks to growing companies that want to have a meaningful impact. These workbooks condense years of deep academic learnings in behavioral economics, with the goal to help product people understand human behavior and design powerful experiences.
Anat Binur, Partner at Innovation Endeavors

“At Gogobot, we’re very focused on leveraging behavioral design to make our service as simple, joyful and easy to understand as possible. We found the weekend we spent at the Summit incredibly useful. The speakers were world class and opened our eyes to the latest research on how people make decisions and tradeoffs in the online world.”
Travis, Gogobot. Gogobot.com

They (Irrational Labs) breakdown the concepts and theories into actionable pieces and gave me the ammo (insights) needed to help shape an awesome customer experience that drives the desired behaviors of the business.
Brandon Gador, Product Manager at LendingClub

If you can spend time with Kristen and Dan, drop everything else–every second with this team is worth it!
Cindy Wu, Founder at Experiment.com

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