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Favor? Send us your Referrals for StartupOnomics

This year we’re going heavy on the referrals for our StartupOnomics Summit.

It  just makes sense to accept companies that are already vetted and already vetted by people we trust. SO…if you know of a company in finance, health or education that is trying to make a dent in this world, pass on the link to StartupOnomics.

This is how we sell it to folks:

 StartupOnomics is  like getting a permit to raft the grand canyon, front row at the Masters or consecutive blue bird days in Tahoe – this stuff only happens once in a very long while. 

But if they also want details:

Dan Ariely and Irrational Labs are excited to announce the 4th annual behavioral economics summit, StartupOnomics, happening August 22nd-24th. Apply by July 7 – this year is more competitive than the last years + we have limited space to make the weekend more intimate.

 StartupOnomics brings together the TOP academics that study human behavior. It’s literally the only place to catch the people who write the studies on decision making – and in one room. To reiterate (we are purposely emphatic) it is highly unusual for professors of this caliber to take a weekend out of their schedule to come and chat with companies.

Thanks for passing on the good word.  


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