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How would Dan Ariely re-design the product development process?

Product Hunt asked Dan Ariely to provide his views on the problems with Silicon Valley’s approach to product development.

Listen and learn here:

  • What is top of mind for Dan Ariely
  • The biggest mistake that product people make in our product development process and suggestions on how to overcome it
  • Why Homer Simpson is a good analogy for product designers
  • How you can improve your productivity each day
 And as a bonus we picked products that we enjoy. Here is the full list. Like one? Upvote it on Product Hunt.
  • Timeful: Helping people understand their opportunity cost of time and get more done
  • Fitmob: Bringing accountability and commitment to fitness
  • Learn Up: Helping to bridge the intention action gap within the employment process
  • Tiempo: Small business time tracking, focusing on celebrating effort
  • Kidaptive: Teaches pre-school kids through interactive games, includes not topics, progress
  • Digit: Helps people save money with automatic savings transfer
  • Dietbet: Weight money pool. Whoever wins gets the pot
  • ClassDojo: Rewards / positive feedback within the classroom
  • StitchFix: Decreasing amount of time shopping takes and adding variety to waredrobes
  • Habitera: Small commitments with hands on coaching
  • OKPanda: Language learning through gamification
  • UpandOutInsidersClub: You pay $20 each month and get 2 tickets to new SF events. Works as a pre-commitment to doing something new in the city.
  • biergartensf: Only has 3 choices of beer.
  • Stickk.com, Pact, Motivate: Apps that make you put down money as commitment contracts.
  • Hinge: Provides a limited number of people per day, preventing the constant FMO that you may miss out on a soulmate.
  • Yerdle: Sharing economy w/ attempts at their own currency. They are going down the path of getting people to think about re-use at the point of purchase.

And a list would not be complete without something we DIDN’T like. But, instead of us saying it, we’ll let John Oliver tell you the horrors of payday lenders.

Have one to add? Shoot it to us in the comments or on Facebook. 

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