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A new iPhone?

Dear Dan,
My husband really wants to get the new iPhone that will come out next week.  He has not seen it and he knows nothing about it, but he already knows that he wants it.  I on the other hand know a few things for sure.  I know that $1,000 is a lot to pay for a slightly newer phone (he has the previous iPhone), I know that he will get used to this new toy very quickly, I know that it will give him less pleasure than he is expecting, and I know that in a few months there will be yet a newer iPhone and that he will want that one as well.  How can I get him to see the mistake he is about to make?
Dear Sumi,
Just read your own words: “He really wants…” and now tell me who is about to make a mistake here! Your loving hard working husband who wants to experience first hand the new frontier of technology, or you with your emotion-free approach to his needs and joy?  If I were you I would not only encourage him to buy this new iPhone, I would also make it easier by asking him to give his old iPhone to our daughter and this way making it easer to rationalize.


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