Introducing The Truth Box

The Truth Box is a traveling story booth where we invite participants to share the truth about a lie they’ve told. These personal stories will be recorded and ultimately shared online. The Truth Box installation recently premiered at the Games for Change Festival, and is now in YouTube’s reception area in the Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue) in New York … … Continue reading

$100,000 and 1,733 of you

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve made it to 100k just in time for the halfway point of the 60-day kickstarter campaign for my documentary-in-progress, (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies. Please help spread the word to keep this amazing community growing.     See the Kickstarter here: (Dis)Honestly Yours, Dan

A Pot’o’Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Want your very own bag of BiteCoins? Click Here.

A Documentary about (Dis)Honesty

It is my greatest pleasure to announce a documentary that I have been working on with Yael Melamede of Salty Features. Today, we launch a Kickstarter campaign that will help us finish the film and build its presence in the world. Please visit our Kickstarter Page to learn more about (Dis)Honesty and to become part of…

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