Why do some social posts spread and others don’t?

Sometimes we post things on Facebook and they get NO likes.  And, sometimes they catch on like wildfire. Why is that? Our intuition would say that the number of LIKES depends on the quality of  the post. Interesting posts should get more LIKES than non-interesting ones. Researchers Egebark and Ekstrom had a different hypothesis. Instead…

Ask Ariely: On Airborne Electronics, a Mistaken Masseuse, and Friends who Post Bail

Here’s my Q&A column from the WSJ this week — and if you have any questions for me, you can tweet them to @danariely with the hashtag #askariely, post a comment on my Ask Ariely Facebook page, or email them to ______________________________________________________ Dear Dan, Delta Air Lines recently announced plans to start distributing thousands of Microsoft Surface 2 tablets to its pilots to … … Continue reading

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