Behavioral Economics: A 2 Day Workshop

8am-5pm   July 14—15

Don’t miss the chance to participate in an intensive 2-day workshop on how to use insights from behavioral economics in business. Learn how to be a choice architect. By understanding human behavior, you can help your users/customers and humans in general make better decisions.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in behavioral economics, but especially product managers, marketers, and designers.

Students who complete the course will:

  • Understand how customers really think
  • Be able to identify and create product features that are most compelling to customers
  • Understand the psychology of money and know how to create effective pricing strategies
  • Be able to create effective testing and research plans, avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Know how to make small changes that produce big results


Sunny San Diego, CA

Check out the videos below for a preview of topics covered in the workshop:


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