Startuponomics 2014

  August 22

StartupOnomics is the behavioral economics university for Startups.

Join us the weekend of August 22nd and be among the previous smart companies that have attended. Basis, LumoBack, Square, LinkedIn, Intuit, Warby Parker, LearnUp,  Lendup, WattVision, WaterSmart, Etsy…

Startuponomics is two days and nights of engaging, interactive lectures and working sessions with the most renowned experts in behavioral economics today. We follow up the intensive weekend with two check-in sessions that ensure the learnings are long lasting. This intimate and intensive immersion in behavioral economcs brings the new insights, research and minds from academia to the startup world.

Our Hot Topics Include:

• Product adoption and growth
• Increasing addictive usage
• Building loyal customers that love you
• Payment strategies
• Building a team that loves what they do
• Measuring what matters
• Testing approaches and best practices

You couldn't resist, could you?

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