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New behavioral economics email series for product people

Decades of psychological research has shown that our environment has a large influence on the way we behave. This means that as product designers and engineers we have a responsibility to understand the psychological underpinnings of our users.

And yet, while it is our responsibility to read the academic papers that help explain our customers behavior, we also understand that this can be overwhelmingly time consuming for many product people.

To this end, professor Dan Ariely, product designer Jason Hreha and myself wrote 10 behavior books called, “Hacking Human Nature for Good.” The goal was to simplify the research down into key principles and provide practical exercises on how to apply the principles to help your users be happier, healthier and wealthier.

This time we went even further.

With the help of Evelyn Gosnell, founder of Behaviorly, we simplified the critical lessons one more time. Now they are bite size.

Partnering with Daily Bits, we created a series of daily emails. 22 to be exact. Every weekday for the next 4 weeks you can learn one study and do one exercise that increases your knowledge of behavioral science, as it relates to your product development.

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