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Not really. But, loss aversion is a powerful force. It’s one of the dozens of research areas we use to come up with elegant and sophisticated solutions to the problems you face. And, speaking of the problems you face, there are a few ways that we work with companies:

How we work with companies

1. Day-Long Workshops

We run day long workshops where we teach your team a comprehensive framework for understanding human behavior. Then, we work with your team to solve specific problems you’ve been wrestling. In other words, we give you fish AND teach you how to fish.

2. Extended engagements

We love commitment. If your company is truly serious about bringing the behavioral sciences into its DNA, we recommend signing up for an in-depth engagement with us. No matter what your problem is, we’ll work with your team to make sure that you understand how to think like a behavioral scientist. We’ll then help you run a series of hypothesis driven experiments, so that you can effectively troubleshoot the problem, or problems, you’re facing.

3. Health Checks

We love you – we really do. That’s why we want to make sure that you’re healthy. This is why we want to take behavioral science principals to help you design the most effective, healthy environment possible for your employees. We come in, look at your office layout, your cafeteria design… everything, and help you tweak everything for maximum productivity and happiness.

What companies do we work with?

We help companies that are doing good in the world. Behavioral economics can help users save money, improve health, conserve energy, learn and live better.

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